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“There are many companies providing billing software today, but probably very few of them can match the expertise and commitment of the MACC team in not only getting the job done, but getting it right. MACC’s support staff is always available to respond to questions or concerns.”
 - Sacred Wind Communications, New Mexico

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What's new at MACC?
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Variable rate USP codes
USP codes are the product codes used in Customer Master, which is MACC’s BSS/OSS solution. In our most recent release of Customer Master, we’ve given our clients the ability to create variable rate USP codes. This enhancement allows a single code to have multiple rates that can change over time. If you operate in a competitive environment or in multiple locations, this enhancement could greatly simplify the management of your product codes and pricing.
Management reports
Time Management System
eMACC Online Directory
Our new eMACC Online Directory pulls telephone listings from Customer Master and makes the information available on our clients’ websites. The online directory is searchable by name, phone number, and service type. It’s also updated automatically whenever changes are made to listings in Customer Master. The directory is a useful tool to draw more customers to your company’s website.

Check scanning
Check Scanning Service - Part of MACC's ePay Toolkit
MACC’s new Check Scanning Service uses a scanning device and web-portal to significantly reduce the amount of time your company spends processing traditional paper checks. This new service speeds up check processing in four ways:
1. It scans and records hundreds of checks and payment stubs per hour to begin the process.

2. The service automates the step of comparing the amount paid on the checks to the amount due on the payment stubs by using images captured by the scanner.

3. Payments are imported into Customer Master, MACC’s BSS/OSS. This step not only speeds up the posting process, but also reduces the number of data entry errors compared to when the task is completed manually.

4. Checks are electronically endorsed after they are scanned and verified for payment accuracy.

New features and products from MACC for Spring 2011
MACC is continually adding new features to our existing products and developing new services to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Below are brief summaries on three of our latest efforts. For more information, please contact your National Sales Representative or Client Relations Manager.