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“There are many companies providing billing software today, but probably very few of them can match the expertise and commitment of the MACC team in not only getting the job done, but getting it right. MACC’s support staff is always available to respond to questions or concerns.”
 - Sacred Wind Communications, New Mexico

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“The company was looking for a BSS/OSS solution to create a tight integration between all parts of its operation,” said Craig Aman, MACC’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Efficiencies are a primary focus of ours, which is why the MACC team is looking forward to helping Michigan Broadband Services reach its goals.”

David Hoover, President of Michigan Broadband Services, said “After a one-year research project to find a replacement for our accounting and billing platforms, we chose MACC due to its all-in-one integration with billing, accounting and service orders.”

He said the change to MACC is projected to reduce the company’s overall processing time and costs by an astounding 69%. With this significant cost and time reduction, combined with consolidated billing, online services and resource reallocation, the company will gain advantages to provide better, faster and more cost effective services to our over 5,000 clients.

“The MACC platform is just a better solution and is projected to reduce cycle time and increase company performance which, of course, translates directly to the bottom line,” Hoover said.

About Michigan Broadband Services
Upper Peninsula Telephone Company D/B/A Michigan Broadband Services, founded in 1908 and incorporated in 1927, provides high-speed voice and data solutions to residential and commercial clients, covering 19 exchanges in Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas. For more information on Upper Peninsula Telephone Company, visit its website at

About Mid America Computer Corporation
Mid America Computer Corp. (MACC) is a billing solutions company that offers a variety of services and front office software to providers of telephone, video, Internet and wireless service. From data processing to bill rendering and fulfillment, MACC offers clients "best of breed" billing solutions to face the future. For more information on MACC, go to

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Michigan Broadband Services completes its conversion to MACC
(Blair, NE – April 23, 2012) Upper Peninsula Telephone Company D/B/A Michigan Broadband Services, based in Carney, Michigan, recently completed a conversion to Mid America Computer Corporation (MACC) to meet its need for a more efficient BSS/OSS solution. The company joins more than 300 other telecommunication providers in utilizing one integrated MACC solution for customer billing, online payments, accounting software and CABS processing.