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MACC gets the job done right
“There are many companies providing billing software today, but probably very few of them can match the expertise and commitment of the MACC team in not only getting the job done, but getting it right. MACC’s support staff is always available to respond to questions or concerns.”
 - Sacred Wind Communications, New Mexico

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MACC's Products - CABS Solutions
AccessMart—Another MACC Exclusive
AccessMart is MACC’s web-based revenue assurance and reporting tool. This innovative service allows telecom companies to easily track CABS usage and revenue trends via an on-line portal. Both short-term and long-term trends can be analyzed to ensure your company receives the carrier access revenue it's due. This service makes the manual record keeping of CABS data unnecessary and frees up staff time for other objectives.

  Key Features
Audit trail for unmatched revenue assurance
Online access to customizable reports
Integrated to our financial software for easy record keeping
Consolidated billing option allows you to maximize revenue
Each month we...
Provide regular FGD CABS and consolidated invoices to over 400 Inter-Exchange Carriers
Prepare Recip Comp, Wireless Access, and Inter-carrier and Inter-connection billing
Prepare Purchase of Accounts Receivable (PARS) Statements for AT&T, RBOCs, Iowa Network Services, and various ILECs' long distance

MACC has provided a Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) since the 1980s. More than 300 companies now rely on MACC each month for their CABS processing.

MACC’s CABS services
• Monthly carrier access processing
• Billing and reporting
• Carrier collections with semi-monthly payments
• Dispute resolution
• Monthly usage auditing and research
• Tariff and route monitoring and maintenance
• Reports available on a searchable CD-ROM

Because MACC is a full-line service bureau, no portion of the CABS billing system needs to be maintained at your business. All systems maintenance and rate table updates are performed internally at MACC at no extra charge.

Consolidated Billing Option - A MACC exclusive
MACC combines smaller billing amounts from our clients, and on their behalf, submits one monthly invoice to the inter-exchange carriers. We’ve learned through experience carriers prefer to pay one large bill rather than many small, individual invoices each month. The payment from the carrier is then properly divided among the participating clients.