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MACC gets the job done right
“There are many companies providing billing software today, but probably very few of them can match the expertise and commitment of the MACC team in not only getting the job done, but getting it right. MACC’s support staff is always available to respond to questions or concerns.”
 - Sacred Wind Communications, New Mexico

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MACC's Support - Client Relations Team
Account Managers
When your company needs assistance and your CRM is out of the office or helping another client, your Account Manager is ready to step in and answer the question or resolve the issue.

Contact the Client Relations Team
To contact your Client Relations or Account Manager, please follow this LINK to our Client Pages. Please note that login information is required. If you don't have a username and password for our Client Pages, you may request access at anytime.

  Key Benefits
  Annual office visits for an in-depth overview of the partnership between MACC and your company
Monthly calls to your company to ensure MACC is continously meeting your company's BSS/OSS needs
Help is always available when you need it as multiple members of the Client Relations team serve your company

When you have a question or an issue regarding a MACC product or service, our Client Relations team is ready to solve the problem. This team is composed of Client Relations Managers and Account Managers. These experienced associates have been in the telecommunications industry for many years and they are dedicated to ensuring we provide everything your company needs to succeed in today's market.

Client Relations Managers
For literally any question relating to your service from MACC, your company's Client Relations Manager (CRM) can be contacted. CRMs are our clients' advocates here at MACC and they are ready to do anything they can to assist you.